Flower Meditation: Intentional Design

A study of mindful, intentional design with Casey Pratt in studio this morning … the combination of film and flowers makes my heart sing! I’m excited to see how the end result turns out.

I think it’s easy to sometimes forget why we do what we do, and if we’re really caught up in the hurricane of life and running a business, why we love it. Sometimes social media is a double edged sword … it can be both a blessing and curse. There is definitely more pressure to be “producing content” and “getting it out there” … and sometimes this can compromise the heart and spirit of our art. Slowing the pulse rate right down; being mindful, intentional and deliberate about what you are creating, why you’re creating it, and how it lights up your heart; this is how I bring me back to myself and return my spirit back to the essence of my heart.

It was a gift to slow down, work deliberately and with intention. it was a gift to enjoy the process with a like-hearted creative. Thank you Case for contacting me on a whim, thank you for your gentle energy and for bringing the soft click and quiet whirrrrr spool end wind up sounds of a film camera back into the studio. It’s the sound of childhood and is both comforting and exciting at the same time. Remember having to wait for at least two weeks to get your images back? There was magic in it.

Thank you Case. I loved the entire morning, it really was a gift x