Making Art

There are some people in this life of mine who stretch, challenge, nurture and grow me every single time we work together. Jacki Bruniquel is one of those special humans. It is with thanks to Jax that I even figured out I could make pretty with flowers and decor in the first place, in the kindest way she bullied me into helping her out with a styled engagement shoot for clients – you can see it here, and my world opened into a million new directions from that one day. Monday’s styled shoot resonated with the same energy I felt at that first incredible shoot. It’s not every day you’re on set for almost six hours working to create the perfect shot. Monday blew my mind. I hands down loved it! A new challenge, approaching styling in a different way, working with delicious texture as opposed to beautiful blooms, learning, learning, learning about what does and doesn’t translate from ground to lens … it was incredible. I loved it. And I love that this is the first of a series we’re planning on creating. Thank you Jax for stretching and inspiring me. Thank you Guy for being willing, thank you Julia and Liz for the support and love, and thank you Drew for being the genius you are.