Pregnant no longer!

Pregnant no longer! Yesterday our sweet son Harry Keir Hall arrived unexpectedly! 34 and a bit weeks old, 3 kg’s and 53cm long. We are completely smitten.

Thank you so very much to every single one of you who has sent messages, prayer and love our way. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate the outpouring from you all.

Because of his early arrival, I won’t be replying to emails as promptly as I usually do for the next week or so. Harry’s little lungs haven’t fully developed so he is currently in NICU on oxygen. We’re praying for a full and speedy recovery.

Please kindly bare with me and I will respond as soon as I am able. In the interim please feel free to contact our special Max on

Thank you all very much for your kind patience and understanding.

I hope you all have the most beautiful day, and thank you again for all your prayer and love! We feel blessed beyond measure not only to have had our son join us, but to be a part of a community and industry that has so much kindness, abundance and heart.

Have a beautiful day friends xxx

Thank you Michigan Behn for this special snap taken behind the scenes on shoot last week. Who would have known then our boy would be with us a week later …