Sneak Peak – Zak & Mailin’s Enchanted Flower Filled Zulu / Norwegian Wedding

The first words Mailin ever said to me were “I love that your website is full of flowers, I love flowers so I want you to do our wedding” … best start of a working relationship ever!!! Flowers are what Mailin loves, and flowers are what Mailin had in abundance to celebrate this beautiful day. I absolutely loved being a part of this wedding!!!

Planning a wedding as a bride from Norway is TOUGH, but Zak is by far the most gracious, attentive, generous-hearted groom we’ve worked with to date. He handled the vast majority of liaising and on the ground decision making throughout our time together and it was a pleasure. Zak, we are fans! It has been a privilege to witness just how beautifully these two compliment one another and how graciously they have dealt with the logistical challenges of conducting both their relationship and wedding planning while being based at opposite ends of the world. Their relationship is a testament to the depth of their love, willingness to communicate, and their desire to live life together. I am so happy you get to have the rest of your ever after with one another from now on!

So excited to share the full wedding with you friends, but for now enjoy these beautiful sneak peaks from Vanilla Photography. Have a beautiful day friends xxx

Venue: Orchards
Photography: Vanilla Photography
Band: Beat Route
Catering: Aubergine
Cake: Murphy’s Bakery
Hair & Make Up: Nixon
Planning, Flowers & Decor: Adore Weddings