Flower meditations

Adore Weddings Flower Meditation

Flower meditations in studio; inspired by Pondarosa and Thyme‘s meditations and Oh Flora Studio‘s approach to capturing her work. Two designers with abundantly generous hearts who share their knowledge freely.

Adore Weddings Flower Meditations

I love creating flowers that dance and move. It’s in my blood after having danced for most of my life and having studied choreography at university. Lines, depth, negative space, texture and graduating tones inspired by nature – they feed my creative spirit.

I love working with kenzan, having learned how to style with them when I was a little kid playing in Nana’s garden after school. She used to send me outside with a pair of secateurs, a vase with a kenzan in the bottom, and instructions not to cut myself or butcher the roses. What an ingenious way to get me out from under her feet, and what a gift to me for the rest of my life and my now (semi) grown up floral journey.

I love flowers. I love the way they keep on giving. I love their transient beauty – they really have taught me not to cling too tightly to the finished product of my artistry. There’s no use keeping it close, it’s fleeting anyway. This is one of the reasons I love giving my designs away. I’m so grateful I get to create with a medium I love. I hope you each get to do the same, one way or another. 

Blessings to you all.