Adore’s Design Philosophy

A few weeks ago I was asked a question that made me pause for thought. How do you make your flowers different to everyone else’s? This is a part of my answer.

I think unique style is something that develops over time, with experience, and is constantly growing as I do as a woman and artist. 

I studied Ballet from the age of three and have an honours degree in Contemporary dance, so my designs are very much informed by my love of movement, depth and lines. I like to think of leaving enough space between the stems in an arrangement, for bees and butterflies to be able to float through and enjoy the flowers.

I’m also a farm girl, so foraging for interesting grasses, berries, leaves and texture is high on my list of wedding week prep! I’ve been known to knock on doors to ask permission to snip pretty things growing on fences, and I’ve been known to help “civic prune” public roadsides. I find inspiration everywhere. 

Most of all I’m inspired by my clients and their stories. I use them to inform my design process from beginning to end. It helps bring something unique and interesting to each event. Curating story-inspired designs brings joy to my heart, every single time.

I sincerely love my job, and I’m so grateful for the opportunities to create and the people I’ve been able to meet through doing what I love.