Adore’s Guideline to Foraging

I’m an avid forager because you can find delicious textures and flora that don’t grow in perfectly straight lines when they’ve been shaped unhindered by nature. It adds a whole new dimension of movement and interest to a design when you get to work with quirky stems that twist and move in the vase. I love it!

I whole heartedly believe in foraging responsibly, so I have a few guidelines I like to follow:

1. Only take what you need, and use everything you gather. No need to waste.

2. Prune don’t hack – you want to prune stems so that the overall health of the plant benefits and it will keep thriving and sharing beauty for everyone for years to come, don’t hack it to death. This is about respect and sustainability.

3. Ask permission! It’s good manners. You may even make a new friend.

4. Public roadsides are treasure troves. I call the act of public roadside gathering “civic pruning”.

5. Keep your eyes and heart open when you’re travelling around, beauty is everywhere.

6. Have fun!