Jacki Bruniquel Unstuck Yourself Workshop

I got to participate in the KZN leg of the Jacki Bruniquel Art and Photography#unstuckyourselfworkshop recently. I’m not a photographer. Guys I’m the very first to openly admit to being haphazard at best with a camera. Auto focus is my best friend, and nine times out of ten my framing is completely off. I very highly doubt I’m going to wake up one day and start a career as a wedding photographer, that’s not my calling … so why did I participate? It’s a question I was asked by a fellow participant on the last evening of workshop and I thought it was a great one.

I participated because I have learned so much from working with fellow creatives, especially with photographers and videographers over the past few years. Understanding light, framing, timing and angles has shaped the way I style and design florals, weddings and timelines on event days.

I participated because I very firmly believe that if I can understand what my fellow wedding suppliers NEED to do their jobs to the best of their abilities, I can help make that happen; which means every supplier involved can bring their best for the special couple we’re teaming up to bless with the work of our hands on their special day.

I believe in working together as a team, I believe in building working relationships, and I believe in love. I love my job. I’m NOT a wedding photographer, but participating in this incredible workshop has helped make me a better wedding planner and stylist. It has also blown my mind wide open to the realities of creative processes, burnout, the importance of creative play and rest, and the necessity of intentional living. I can not recommend it enough!

If you get the opportunity to take part in the next round, do yourself a favor and do it!