We lost someone yesterday. The floral industry in KZN, and the Eston community in particular have lost a great someone.

I grew up in an incredible community of abundant hearted, generous people. We grew up living, working and building together. We grew up nurtured by many hands from multiple parents. They say it takes a village and our community was a tight knit, big one.

When a community wedding took place, willing hands and open hearts would arrive en mass to make it happen. Wendy was our go-to for flowers. I don’t know a single Eston community wedding where she was not there creating flower beauty in celebration of the special day, including my own wedding. There’s a big hole in the world where she stood, and our hearts are hurting.

We all process grief in different ways. Yesterday, after getting the news, I didn’t cry (I’m usually a crier). I read once that Seneca says “Light griefs are loquacious, but the great are dumb.” I understood this yesterday. Yesterday I put my hands into the flowers. That’s how the sorrow poured out. And what more fitting way to honour a woman whose hands blessed more people than we can fully know through her art of flowers?

I feel bereft.

I can’t even begin to image the loss her family is feeling. I hope they know our community is standing beside them. I hope they can feel our love. I hope touches of sunlight will reach them through the depth of their sorrow. I hope they are ok.

It’s a funny thing, losing someone to heaven. They are at peace and free, it’s the ones left behind who sorrow.

Thank you Wendy for all you have done. Thank you for your heart, and the blessings of your hands. Thank you for your flowers.