Things I’ve Learned from Flowers

Yesterday afternoon was my first time back in studio since our boy, Harry the Brave arrived. Six weeks early via emergency cesarean and a very sick little little guy. He spent eight days in NICU and scared the daylights out of me. We fought hard for this little boy’s life.

Yesterday afternoon flowering for Han’s wedding today, was a gift to my soul. While in hospital, there were a couple of desperate touch and go days … one in particular. Know what helped get me through? Along with the incredible outpouring of love, support and prayer from hundreds of people, both friends and strangers (I am still so humbled and in awe of the kind beauty and generosity of the human spirit); it was the flowers. Especially the bulb flowers. They reminded me that sometimes things that start in darkness bring beauty into this world.

In hospital it was the tulips who spoke to me, yesterday it was the dahlia.

I will be forever grateful that God chose to sprinkle His creation with flowers, as much for the way they revel in their purpose of radiating and reflecting His glory, as for the way they feed our bees and help produce our food. We have much to learn and remember from the flowers.