Unstuck Yourself Workshop

Creative floral freedom styled for the Durban leg of Jacki Bruniquel‘s Unstuck Yourself Workshop. If you are a creative looking to unblock and break through to new spaces of inspiration, do yourself a favor and check Jacki’s workshops out!

Contrasting colours, a play of textures and responsibly foraged, foam free floral art. It’s always a joy to have complete freedom when creating for a fellow creative. Every floral element with the exception of the tulips, was responsibly foraged from local roadsides and our garden. I loved the contrast of deep red/orange florals against the fresh blue delftware. I delighted that the entire set up was completely foam free, using mesh and kenzan as a base structure.

Thank you Jax for the joy of creating for you, thank you for the delicious creative freedom and complete trust. Love you friend x